Opposition levels: $6,366, $6,439, $6,509

Bolster levels: $6,286, $6,192, $6,092

The coin is in bearish pattern on medium-term viewpoint. The bears came back to the BTC advertise with full power on November 8 after the BTC cost achieved its high of $6509 value level by the bulls’ weight. Short union was seen before the bears assumed control with the solid gigantic bearish candles that prompted the broken drawback of previous help levels of $6,439, $6,366 to the help level of $6,286.

Today, the BTC cost is on the help level of $6,286 in which if the bears can keep up their energy or increment their weight the help level will be broken and uncover the help level of $6,192.

On the off chance that the help level of $6,286 holds and the value bob up the bulls may assume control. In the interim, BTC cost is underneath the 21-day EMA and 50-day EMA with separation from EMAs demonstrate the bearish pattern is continuous. The RSI is over 30 levels with flag line focuses up which might be the pullback of the bearish pattern.

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