The Indian National Congress (INC) has denounced the decision party (BJP) of being associated with a “mega Bitcoin trick.” According to Hindustan Times, they’ve claimed that the BJP has arranged a Bitcoin trick worth over ₹5000 crores! Congress representative Shaktisinh Gohil said that Gujarat Police has uncovered this trick and the state’s best BJP initiative was included. He additionally expressed that these pioneers were changing over dark cash through hawala exchanges.

Beforehand, 13 BJP MLA’s from the territory of UP had professed to have gotten dangers by means of WhatsApp messages. They asserted that they were being blackmailed and requested to store ₹10 lakh into a Bitcoin account.

Addressing correspondents about the supposed trick, Gohil stated,

“There were reports of the state police coercing some businesspeople in Surat for blackmail and named a previous BJP administrator as one of the bosses.”

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He even named the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Amit Shah. He stated,

“As the BJP is scrambling for answers to clarify how Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank, whose executive is BJP boss Amit Shah, gotten old cash worth ~745.58 crores in only five days and how ~3118.51 crores was saved in 11 locale co-agent banks connected with BJP pioneers in Gujarat itself, another ‘mega bitcoin trick’ worth more than Rs 5,000 crore has been unwound in the state.”

As per Gohil, the demonetization directed by the present government was a ploy to conceal their illegal tax avoidance. He asserted that both demonetization and the Bitcoin trick were intended to change over their dark cash into white. He additionally included,

“We request an unprejudiced Supreme Court-checked legal examination in this labyrinth of ‘mega bitcoin trick’ with the goal that reality turns out.”

The BJP, then again, dismissed these charges considering them bizarre. Anil Baluni, the representative for BJP, said these claims by the INC were funny. Countering the charges leveled against his gathering, he said that it couldn’t get more grievous than this as Gujarat Police had broken the case. He additionally included that the police had made a move against a few people engaged with the case.

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