First Participants Confirmed for MJAC and CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit

MJAC declares introductory subtle elements for the MJAC and CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit on November 30, 2018, with delegates from Coinfloor, Coinbase, Ripple, Circle, eToro, London Stock Exchange Group, CoinShares and Cumberland incorporated into the line-up.

Line Up Announced

The one-day meeting will interest both an institutional and retail gathering of people. It will incorporate discourse boards on how crypto has developed as a benefit class more than 2018, institutional exchanging the crypto market, and direction and in addition talks and discussions on points, for example, blockchain administration, how securities loaning will prompt institutional selection of digital forms of money, the condition of crypto assets, openings and dangers for the tokenization of everything and the possibility of STOs supplanting IPOs.

PowerSnookerCoin – the digital currency made by Power Snooker Group (proprietor of the Power Snooker sport) – will highlight at the occasion with a full-estimate snooker table; close by boxing legend and brand representative Johnny Nelson. Previous Head of Corporate Governance at Prudential and Power Snooker Group representative Dean Christy will convey the ICO introduction for PowerSnookerCoin.

MJAC will have a worldwide choice of basic and rising organizations as exhibitors. The meeting plan will likewise highlight top of the line ICOs; giving these business people an astounding chance to pitch to worldwide financial specialists and Fund Managers. Stephan Tual, the originator of Atlas Neue and previous COO of Ethereum, is looking at the MJAC and CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit.

Affirmed speakers:

Stephan Tual – Founder of Atlas Neue and previous CCO of Ethereum

Claire Wells – Legal and Business Affairs Director for Europe at Circle

Marieke Flament – Global CMO and EMEA Managing Director at Circle

Amir Ness – Founder of Elevate Group

Teana Baker-Taylor – Advisory Council at Global Digital Finance

Obi Nwosu, CEO and Co-author Coinfloor Ltd

Lucas Friss – Head of Business Development, Europe Cumberland

Marina Titova – Head of ICO Advisory at NKB Group

Edd Carlton – Head of OTC Trading at BlockEx

Simon Taylor – Co-author and Blockchain Practice Lead at 11: FS

Joseph-Daniel Millwood – EU Marketing Lead at Coinbase

Cassius Kiani – Founder of Atlas Neue

Dan Morgan – Head of Regulatory Relations, Europe at Ripple

Steve Swain – Co-author and CEO of Lendingblock

Iqbal V. Gandham – Managing Director at eToro (UK Region)

Hansen Wang – Head of External Relations at Melonport

Martin Hoffgen – Director at Elation Capital

Ruth Wandhöfer – Board Member of London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

Dignitary Christy – PowerSnooker Ambassador

David Fauchier – CEO/CIO Cambrial Capital

Ryan Radloff – CEO at CoinShares

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